Breaking Bad (ABQ) Road trip with Samantha!

In the middle of April of 2015, my wife Samantha and I, who are Breaking Bad fanatics, decided to travel to Albuquerque, New Mexico from Anadarko, Oklahoma to take on a self-guided Breaking Bad filming location tour. Samantha and I had a great time and even wrapped the tour up with a visit to a location used for AMC’s prequel series “Better Call Saul”.

It’s really cool that they used so many actual filming locations in and around Albuquerque and getting to see them in real life was very cool! I took the cameras with me and we self-documented our trip. You can find the video at the end of this post!

In order, the Young’s visit:

1) The Dog House
2) Saul Goodman’s Office
3) The Schrader Residence
4) The Car Wash
5) Gustavo Fring Residence
6) Walt’s Apartment
7) Jesse & Jane’s Apartments
8) Crossroads Motel
9) 2nd & Hazeldine
10) Tuco’s Headquarters
11) Jesse Pinkman’s House
12) The Candy Lady
13) Rebel Donuts
14) White Residence
15) DEA Office
16) Los Pollos Hermanos
17) To’hajiilee Reservation
18) The Nursing Home
19) Chuck McGill’s House

If you are wanting to do this and take on your own Breaking Bad tour as Samantha and I did, please check out the link here. This is the site we referenced and how we found the actual addresses to all the filming locations we visited.

There are a few different tours as well. One of them actually drives you around in an RV that looks much like the “crystal ship” that Walt and Jesse cooked the crystal in. I haven’t done this tour, but if you aren’t wanting to have to drive and worry about parking, etc, one of these tours may be just the thing for you!

I hope you enjoyed this page and hope you found it informative! If you haven’t yet, please be sure to check out the video above!